We know that many diet programs involve counting calories. After all, the saying used to be, “Calories in, calories out.” This refers to the idea that all calories are created equal. 

But they are not! 

A hundred calories from junk food are much more harmful than a hundred calories of natural whole foods. Think french fries v. a nice baked potato. At Suggestic, we want to show you the thoughtful, healthy alternatives to the quick-fix foods that so many of us eat--or used to eat--until we’re stuffed. In case you were wondering, those heavily processed foods make you want to eat more!

You will find every single program on Suggestic is built around delicious nutrient-dense foods and supports our philosophy that will not only will you improve your long-term health, but you will find unwanted pounds dropping away, as well. 

We don’t want you to stress over each calorie. It’s so much more important to learn which foods to eat, how to prepare them, which restaurants serve them and then to make note of how you feel afterward. We want you to learn about your body and how to feed it well. We want you to eat until you are sated, not stuffed (and that takes practice!). 

So no calorie counting, no portion control. Just delicious foods that feed your whole body.

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