Welcome to Suggestic

Suggestic is a precision-eating app that is powered by artificial intelligence to guide you to ultimate health. With Suggestic, you will discover exactly what to eat to reach your goals. Here’s how to get started.

Getting Started

Getting started with Suggestic is easy. First, go to the Apple app store and download the Suggestic app--it’s free. 

Now open the app. You’ll see two choices--you can check out the demonstration for our restaurant scanner, new for those who have iOS 13. Please take a look at this magical feature on our demo location called “Demostaurant.” Hold your phone up to a menu and the app will “read” it for you! 

Restaurant Scanner Demo

When you try the restaurant scanner, you’ll find all sorts of nutrition information about the food on the menu for the eating programs--tap on the colored icons along the bottom to see the programs. This is augmented reality in action. Scoring pops up to show you how well a menu option fits a plan. You can tap on the highlighted option to see macronutrient info and more. You can even log that food. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! 

Select a Program

You need to learn about our healthy eating plans, so go ahead and tap “Select a program.” The onboarding quiz will appear. We want to be able to personalize your experience, to understand your goals and determine whether or not you have preferences that do not fall in the range of diet. If you don’t like onions, select that item to filter onions from all recipes and restaurant meals.

This will help us determine what your health goals are and more. It will take just a minute. We’ll ask about your goals, the food you like to eat, your experience level--if this is a first for you, that’s important to know!

At the end of the onboarding quiz, you’ll sign in. Then our algorithms will suggest eating programs that would work for you. 

The Programs

Suggestic can guide you through virtually any eating plan--Mediterranean, paleo, keto, vegan and more. Or, if you are battling a specific condition, like joint pain, you should check out the Anti-inflammatory Diet, for example. Check out our eating plans page for a full list. 

You can try any of our 7-day programs for free. Or sign up for our Premium programs for a more complete experience led by world-renowned nutritional experts. 

Once you select a program, the description will tell you a bit about it, show you sample recipes and layout the foods to eat more of, less of and avoid altogether. Next, you’ll be invited to join the program.

What Happens When I Tap Join Program?

Your journey begins once you tap “Join Program” and you’ll see the daily screen for your diet. This doesn’t mean the clock has started. Take a moment to watch the welcome video, check out the food log. Need a day or even a week to get ready? No problem. Suggestic is about success--success that you will own. So when you’re ready, tap Start Program and you’ll be on your way.

What You Get

With Suggestic, you can choose from our smart meal plans that draw from more than 1.7 million delicious, easy recipes. Or you can search for yourself. Then convert your recipes to a shopping list, and you are on your way. Next, log the meals you’ve eaten, note whether or not you liked them. Don’t feel like cooking? Tap on the restaurant search feature to find which places have healthy food you can eat. Whatever you eat, track the macronutrients you are consuming. 

Each program also includes supportive emails, educational and inspirational videos, daily task lists, and more.

The point is that with Suggetic, you know exactly what to eat wherever you are. 

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